About The Game

Sketchcross is a logic picture puzzle game Now Avalible for the PlayStation®Vita

Avalible in North America on the PSN Store

Taking cues from Sudoku and Crosswords, Sketchcross challenges players to form pictures using number clues. This pen and paper themed puzzle game brings nonograms to the PlayStation®Vita system for the first time in North America.


Game Features

All the cool things in Sketchcross

Art Style

Sketchcross's unique art style mimics the feeling of opening a sketchbook up and sketching.


Sketchcross will launch with 50 unique puzzles ranging in size and shape and will support paid and free downloadable puzzle packs.


Sketchcross uses both touch and button controls for any play style.


Sketchcross uses the Playstation Network to populate leaderboards for each puzzle. Compare your time with the world or friends!

Frenzy Mode

Sketchcross's Frenzy mode gives you 30 seconds to complete a randomly generated 5 x 5 puzzle.


Want more? Sketchcross was designed to be expandable and will offer additional puzzles as DLC for months after release. Our first DLC Pack will come out in June.

Screen Shots